About Us

A love of the outdoors is one of the main things that brought Natalie and Alex together as a couple and is something they try to instill in both their two kids and the kids they meet daily through their professions. Alex was introduced to log rolling at a park and rec conference 3 years ago, fell in love with the sport, and hasn't looked back.  He has since brought the sport to the park system where he works, teaching workshops and private lessons, and has become an official Key Log Rolling Instructor Trainer and brand ambassador, travelling for that company to teach other organizations how to use the Key Log. Alex and Natalie truly enjoy helping people and watch them grow and this is a really fun way to allow for that. As an ex-college athlete, Alex always enjoys competition and challenges and log rolling is a safe and fit sport that gives him those opportunities as well as just to have fun with his family and friends. A colleague of his once told him, "lots of people spend all kinds of money on their hobbies, so why not make a business out of it" and that is exactly what he did.





Trident Log Rolling is the first log rolling company in the Charlotte, NC region with the hopes to spread the love of the sport. With the Key Log becoming a national and international craze, the sport is really picking up steam. There are plans and dreams in the works to create collegiate teams, professional competitions and even make it an Olympic sport. Trident Log Rolling will get you rolling in no time whether your dream is to compete or just simply to have a fun hobby.